Activity Credits

[Owner] Miclebrick a posted Mon at 12:00

Settlements in nations and nations now get daily activity credits for active (logged in within 3 days ago) members. For settlements, this is 10 credits per player, and for nations, 100 credits. This is given daily at 1 AM UTC (this time may change). Funds are deposited into nation/settlement balance.

This encourages nations and settlements to recruit new members, and encourages settlements who aren't in nations to join nations so they get money.


[Owner] Miclebrick a posted Jan 17, 18

We have added a feature that has been planned and discussed for quite a while: Thermal Detonators. These powerful explosives destroy a 5x5x5 area and bypass area (but not particle) shields. They can be used for penetrating area shielded bunkers with only iron doors for or no entrances at all. They also do a lot of damage to people who are on foot.

For more information, see here.

After months of being a requested and put off feature, power tools have finally been added! Including Power Drills and Power Chainsaws, these will come in handy for building, farming, mining, and more! You can see more about them on this page.

And credit to TheBeaver99 for the textures!

Emeris4017 Soooo, does this mean we should update the resource pack? (Also I kinda forgot where the download link is)

That's right, at long last we've got power armor modules! Fly around with rocket boosts, mine underground with night vision, or whatever you want using these special modifications for power gear!

Power Armor Modules have long been a heavily requested feature and we're glad to finally have it out. More modules such as environment protection modules and water breathing modules are planned, so stay tuned.

For more info, click here.


[Owner] Miclebrick a posted Nov 30, 17

You can now use Minecarts as cars! Just place it, ride it, and drive it! This is very useful for travelling across large bases. You can also press space to switch driving mode and use keys instead of the cursor to steer it.

Wrangler9033 Cool! Will commands for this be placed in the wiki?