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Pretty much anything pertaining to the server, put it here!
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By [Director] Sky_Horizon aDirector Sat at 01:30 pm
This area is just to talk about whatever you want, from memes to monkeys!
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By DevinFirestone Jul 26, 17
Want to voice your input? This is the place to do it!
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By OnyxRaze o 2 hours ago
Been banned? Don't think it was just? Apply here with the proper format and it will be reviewed.
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Not sure if something is illegal? Want to know something about the server? This is the right place to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question, ask it all here.
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By netherman56
netherman56 @ Star Legacy
3 hours ago
Did you run into a bug or a glitch? In need of a refund? Send details and screenshots if you have them so we can get right to work fixing them! (You need some sort of evidence for a refund though)
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By XxNovaStarxX o 35 mins ago
Politics and Roleplay
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Want to get involved in roleplay? Have a settlement or nation that could have an interesting backstory? Introduce your character or political organization here!
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By WatchmanPhileo Dec 2, 17
This is for anything regarding individual settlements, or the place for nations or settlements to talk with each other about different issues. Recruitment advertisements to disputes over cake go here.
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By comeintheforest o Thu at 01:02 pm
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Do you have a strong nation that deserves it's own subforum? Apply here in the proper format, and you can get your own public subforum for your nation!
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By Lorenncz Dec 5, 17
Also the first to apply here. Description? Nah.
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Powerful fleet, large city, big industry, and backyard jungle.
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