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Political Warring and rank rework

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Hello, i recently came up whit this idea and also revelaed it to some people to get opinions and some people liked it, tought pirates didnt like it that much.
I think this server should not have piracy, but instead be na Political-nation-warring server

What do i mean?
Well, whats the fun of this: you are building your base, your fleet, your economy, etc, But suddently, na pirate comes out, kills you, turns your base into a hole that will regen in 15 minutes.
This repeatly can be very annoying., expecialy pirates only do this for POINTS, not for what na PIRATE should actualy do, A PIRATE should kill you for your CARGO or ITEMS to loot them, NOT FOR POINTS generated out of kills.
So i think there are no "pirates" here, theyr just people who kill you. So i think piracy should be removed.

So, how could we make this moe interesting: Remove piracy (and rework rank sistem because then privateers could not rankup, and colonist would be way to peacefull).
But make the server na Political Nation War server, basicaly nations could declare wars, ally, etc, and that would define stuff like this: what points you get from killing person X or doing thing X, maybe there could be na way to overclaim other nations land (not nation settlements, only settlement less claims). Just imagine how cool this would be, this sounds much more futuristic than piracy.

Also if you are still not conficed, or think piracy could be futuristic, think this way: How many sci-f in spacei movies have you watched and there where pirates in it?
There are mostly Nation wars.
Posted Apr 7, 18 · OP
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This already is a political war server...
And in sci-fi there is always privacy, although usually the pirates are members of a nation that had been destroyed. Of course, that wouldnt work for this server.

But anyways. The ranktracks will be reworked soon as we had already been planning, and piracy will in fact become more like piracy instead of getting points for kills only.
Sadly, it is illegal to sell your eyeballs in Texas.
Posted Apr 7, 18 · Last edited Apr 7, 18