Out of the 17 entries, 12 winners have been selected! Each of these winning stations will be put in game as capturable space stations, hopefully within a few weeks (I'm also busy studying for my SAT exams on May 5th, so I have limited time.) 

Note: Due to the large amount of stations without any area shields or defensive weapons, the minimum score even if there are none present for these categories is 15/30

Station 1 (MrNoty)

Exterior view of MrNoty's winning space station

First place by 1 point, this station was rated 26/30 for exterior, 24/30 for interior, 27/30 for area shields, and 19/30 for weapons. It also received 9 bonus points for its ship factory on the inside. It would've been surpassed by MrNoty's other station, which made third place, but this one looked more complete and less rushed to the judges and thus got three more total points.

Prize: 100k and a space plot

Total Score: 105

Station 2 (jekron)

Just barely in second place, this station was rated 23/30 for exterior, 5/30 for interior, 27/30 for shields, and 20/30 for weapons. It also received 9 bonus points for its myriad interesting little things on the inside. It is notable for exemplary area shielding.

Prize: 50k and a space plot

Total Score: 104

Station 3 (MrNoty)

Though having great potential, this ambitious station was a bit too rushed. Nevertheless, it still won third place with a rating of 26/30 for exterior, 23/30 for interior, 21/30 for area shields, and 24 for weapons. It also received 8 bonus points for its mega turret and docking things. It is notable for sheer size.

No prize, since MrNoty already won first place

Total Score: 102

Station 4 (Evra007) 

With an interesting array of defenses, this station won fourth place with a rating of 23/30 exterior, 22/30 interior, 19/30 area shields, and 24/30 weapons. It also received 11 bonus points for its glorious TIE fighter mountings.

Prize: 25k and a space plot

Total Score: 99

Station 5 (Jurulk)

A picture speaks a thousand words. Nevertheless, I will say that it received a score of 21/30 for exterior, 24/30 for interior, 27/30 for shields, and 15/30 for weapons. It also received 11 bonus points for that little spinning redstone lamp light thing.

Prize: 10k and a space plot

Total Score: 98

Station 6 (Gutin_Unto_Dawn)

This station is a personal favorite of mine - it simply looks like a space station, moreso than any other entry. Regardless, it received a score of 26/30 exterior, 19/30 interior, 21/30 shield, and 22/30 weapon. It also received 2 bonus points from me for looking like a space station tongue-out

Prize: Beta Plot

Total Score: 90

Station 7 (Jurulk)

This would certain have been first place... had it had area shields and weapons. As it is, it received a ranking of 27/30 exterior, 25/30 interior, 15/30 area shields, and 15/30 weapons. It's truly a disappointment that it only got 7th.

No prize, since Jurulk already won 5th place.

Total Score: 82

Station 8 (K9_Caper)

A rather unique station, this one got 23/30 exterior, 15/30 interior, 15/30 shields, and 15/30 weapons. It also got 13 bonus points for uniqueness.

Prize: 50k credits

Total Score: 81

Station 9 (Gutin_Unto_Dawn)

Although fairly impressive, this station is a bit plain and doesn't stand out much. As such, it received 24/30 exterior, 18/30 interior, 21/30 shield, and 16/30 weapon.

Total Score: 79

Station 10 (FadedRaichu)

This one looks pretty small and incomplete, and thus received 21/30 exterior, 19/30 interior, 15/30 shield, and 18/30 weapon.

Total Score: 73

Station 11 (Emeris)

Slightly unique for using orange, this got 16/30 exterior, 12/30 interior, 18/30 shield, 15/30 weapon. It also received 1 bonus point for orange. (It's orange!)

Total Score: 62

Station 12 (Nika123yoyo123)

This person low-key did not submit it themself, I had to submit it for them... anyway, it got 20/30 exterior, 10 interior, 15 shield, and 15 weapon. It also got 1 bonus point... not sure why.

Total Score: 61

That's all for now. Expect to see these stations in game soon(TM). Until next time!

Ah, and so the day has come and gone, and the space station competition is over! Raimus, myself, Gutin, and Evra  at times went about on the JudgeMobile and scored up each station. Seventeen stations were reviewed, and twelve will be placed ingame. The stations were scored using the following system:

1-10 for exterior

1-10 for interior

1-10 for shielding

1-10 for weapons

And then any extra bonus points for cool stuff.


And so, without further ado, the winner of our 2018 space station competition is: MrNoty! Congradulations!

Here's the scores in order: (Screenshots and individual reviews may be added later)

1. MrNoty: 105

2. Jekron: 104

3. MrNoty: 102

4. Evra007: 99

5. Jurulk: 98

6. Gutin: 90

7. Jurulk: 82

8. K9_Caper: 81

9. Gutin: 79

10. FadedRaichu: 73

11. Emeris4017: 62

12. Nika123yoyo123: 61

13. Peregri: 58

14. Amgar007: 57

15. Spaceh1tler: 57

16. JoCube: 51

17. TheAlecz: 41

Thank you all for applying and participating! This post will be updated with further information as more things are deternmined.

Click Me

Hello all,

The staff team has been hard at work planning a new update to StarLegacy; we're going to put in captureable deep space-stations! Awesome, right? But, we need your help! There will be twenty four new stations scattered all throughout deep space, and we want YOU to design them! So, I'd like to announce the start of StarLegacy's first build competition! We will be accepting twenty-four entries, with prizes for the top four. The stations can be any size, but bigger is better.


1. All builds must actually be a space station.

2. All builds must fit within render distance.

3. All builds must be appropriate. You know what I mean.

4. The builds cannot be ugly. Yes, this rule is subjective, but obviously someone taking a big box and making a hole in it isn't going to get accepted.

Great, I've built an awesome space station, how do I apply?

Check this out: Click me


Here are the prizes for the top builds: (Juicy, aren't they?)

First Place: 50,000 credits

Second Place: 35,000 credits

Third Place: 20,000 credits

Fourth Place: 10,000 credits

Fifth Place: Stack of warm baked potatoes


This post may be updated at any time to accomodate for new or changing information.

Thank you, and may the building be ever in your favour!


The Staff Team

Settlements in nations and nations now get daily activity credits for active (logged in within 3 days ago) members. For settlements, this is 10 credits per player, and for nations, 100 credits. This is given daily at 1 AM UTC (this time may change). Funds are deposited into nation/settlement balance.

This encourages nations and settlements to recruit new members, and encourages settlements who aren't in nations to join nations so they get money.