The Fiberland settlement is a settlement with a small population located near the equator of the planet Aecor in the Sobrii system. It was created and is currently populated by a small band of people seeking greatness. Its ultimate goal is to create cities throughout the territory it owns. Its major industries include manufacturing stone bricks and cultivation of grains. Its major imports include guns, andesite, and spaceships. Its government is a single party state composed of a general secretary leading the country and a small council that advises the general secretary and makes some administrative decisions of their own. The settlement does not have elections. Remarkable features about this settlement include its geography, its efficient highway system, and its focus on construction. Not-so-remarkable features about this settlement include its lack of living space, economic backwardness due to technological backwardness, and frequent shortages of energy. There are relatively low taxes. Fiberland is part of Arimfea.

Want to join Fiberland? Benefits include free access to well-charged industrial equipment (at least in Meme city), low taxes, access to a very cheap and somewhat effective starfighter you can produce at the ship factory, a leader that is very active, and constant expansion of the base. The major problem with joining this settlement is that construction work with the intention of creating more living space is very, VERY slow, as it is not a priority.

National anthem (it's a joke):

1. No greifing, stealing, or building stuff we don't approve of.
2. Corrupt government officials will be demoted to the role of citizen. Don't abuse authority.
3. No killing other members of Fiberland without their consent OR approval from the general secretary.