So, after playing my modpack and loving it, i came up with a few questions on how various things work.

1. Is NEI or something similar needed to get things like copper, uranium, titanium, and other items that arent total reskins of items but server specific?
2. Does WAILA or HWYLA work with the server specific ores? They both take the block id data you see in F3 and makes it better, and would it also work with harvestability? This would help a lot in my tutorial vids.
3. Is Schematica a mod? Ive never used it, or heard of it before this server, and it would make munitions tests much easier to do.
4. Are these mods legal on the server? It would help nerds like me a bunch, and i can even add a link of the StarLegacy Utility Modpack id make for it.
Thx a lot :d