Hello all,

The staff team has been hard at work planning a new update to StarLegacy; we're going to put in captureable deep space-stations! Awesome, right? But, we need your help! There will be twenty four new stations scattered all throughout deep space, and we want YOU to design them! So, I'd like to announce the start of StarLegacy's first build competition! We will be accepting twenty-four entries, with prizes for the top four. The stations can be any size, but bigger is better.


1. All builds must actually be a space station.

2. All builds must fit within render distance.

3. All builds must be appropriate. You know what I mean.

4. The builds cannot be ugly. Yes, this rule is subjective, but obviously someone taking a big box and making a hole in it isn't going to get accepted.

Great, I've built an awesome space station, how do I apply?

Check this out: Click me


Here are the prizes for the top builds: (Juicy, aren't they?)

First Place: 50,000 credits

Second Place: 35,000 credits

Third Place: 20,000 credits

Fourth Place: 10,000 credits

Fifth Place: Stack of warm baked potatoes


This post may be updated at any time to accomodate for new or changing information.

Thank you, and may the building be ever in your favour!


The Staff Team